Who Is ConXPoint?

ConXPoint is the flagship service of CXP Solutions LLC, a privately-owned company founded by AssureCo LLC and AlphaTrust, Inc. The AssureCo and AlphaTrust teams boast a diverse background of technical, managerial and business service experience; and all of these factors have combined to assist in the successful development and application of ConXPoint’s unique technology.

Key members of the ConXPoint team have worked together for over a decade delivering web-based automation solutions to small business owners, professional practices, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries.

The underlying idea for ConXPoint grew out of several successful web-based automation projects developed by the ConXPoint programming team for AssureCo and its affiliated companies. These web-based automation projects proved so successful in saving time and money, we wanted to package these technologies together in a manner that was easily accessible and highly affordable by a wide range of business, professional, industry, and government users.

The following question drove the development of ConXPoint: “Why should people have to spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars developing custom automation systems from scratch and then spend thousands more each year maintaining them when the resulting systems usually aren’t able to successfully interface with systems used by their clients, associates and suppliers?”

ConXPoint is the result of this multiyear development and application effort, culminating in 3 years of intensive integration and testing of already proven technologies. This integration effort has led to strategic partnerships with carefully selected technology leaders.

We think you’ll be pleased with our efforts, and we welcome your ideas for continuous improvement.


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